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The 'Future of Work' has arrived: 12 Predictions
for HR in 2021

2020. What a year. Wow! What did we learn? Well, firstly to expect the unexpected. No one would have predicted back in January that this Year would be dominated by the deadliest global pandemic since the Spanish Flu wrought havoc across the world in the wake of World War I. We also learnt that the field of Human Resources is even more click here to read more .

Make SuperStars

by Manoj Kapri HRBP- Global Business Solutions at ByteDance

Recently got a chance to start again with basics and trying to get my hands on Recruitment after a long time, the team is new and team members are joining slowly, it is a completely new market for me, I never worked in this market previously. got to know from the peers and colleagues that most of the talent is from other markets. and the ex-pat hiring rate is very high. well, I started my week and get in too few calls. click here to read more .