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Transactional Analysis for Human Resource

Written By: Harsh Thakkar on August 17, 2011 Comments Off on Transactional Analysis for Human Resource


–          Parent

–          Adult

–          Child


Parent Type Remarks
Critical Parent Criticizes, sets rules, judges, disciplined
Nurturing Parent Cares, Protects, advises, nurtures



–          Plans & makes things happen

–          Makes unemotional decisions

–          Concerned about data, facts & estimated probabilities

Child Type Remarks
Natural Child Fun Loving, energetic, spontaneous
Adapted Child Compliant, Polite, Manipulative


Life Positions

–          I am OK, you are OK e.g. (An understanding Boss with 10 years of experience appreciates the work done by someone who has recently joined and behaves like a naïve. This is because he looks from other person’s perspective.)


–           I am not OK, you are not OK e.g. (A boss saying, I am a fool to give such an important assignment to an idiot like you.)


–          I am OK, you are not OK: e.g. (A dominant Boss underestimating his/her subordinates)


–          I am not OK, you are OK: e.g. (A person X saying to colleague, I wish I was as smart as you are.)



           X: What’s the time?

           Y: 2 PM

This is an Adult-Adult Transaction. For any given Business Setting, this type og transaction is preferred. However, the type may change depending upon the kind of response expected

           X: I wonder if they would be on time?

           Y: Don’t worry, They will come on time

Here, X is behaving like a child and is expecting a nurturing parent response from Y


Strole is a unit of recognition. E.g. Child cries when he/she craves for attention. Grown-ups may deliberately come late, work haphazardly, try to pull one another’s legs. Strokes may be positive or negative. However, strokes are normally perceived to be negative.

Unwritten rules of Stroke at workplace:

–          Don’t miss a chance to give a negative stroke

–          Don’t give positive strokes freely

–          Don’t ask for positive strokes, certainly not in a direct manner

The result is cold, unfeeling environment where human emotions are generally suppressed. Even in ‘Warm’ Organizations, strokes are still subject to certain norms viz. Not giving away to the people above your hierarchy. In the absence free exchange of strokes, people manipulate others in order to get the strokes they crave and start playing games

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