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The Do’s & Don’ts of Group Discussion (GD) (9 Important Points)

What are the Do’s when you are in the GD Round

1) Be Appropriate to the Issue:
When a topic has been allotted to a group, then you must understand what kind of issue to raise out of the topic.
• Please do not go into a generalized form of the topic, since you have been given a topic you must jot down the points that you could speak either in Favor or Against.
• If the topic is not a debatable one, then try to have a low profile or a general statement when you don’t know about the topic.
• If you know about the topic shoot whatever points you know about it, but ensure that you don’t get carried away with any subtopics that are discussed further in the group discussion.

2) Make Original Points & Support them by Substantial Reasoning:
By original points I mean that you have to take out the points which is already been said by someone and which validate what you are saying. You cannot go in on GD round & claim something you do not know.
• Try not to fake on any facts and figures because the panelist was observing you are smarter than you think.
• Please speak on points that you are having a substantial reasoning for and you could support them through some additional points that has been already validated.

3) Listen to other participants Actively & Carefully:
When you run out of points, this is the thing that will come into a play when you don’t have points. People sitting there will keep on speaking about the topic and the issue raised but when you are there and you don’t have a point then by listening to people you could generate one. At times it happens that you started in against of a topic and someone favors it, you could also listen to the point and can go and defend yourself, therefore so listening is very important.

4) Say things with Logical Flow & Validated Example:
As I mentioned before, you must have a support system, similarly you must coat examples, examples could be State Wise, Country Wise or Author Wise. You can give examples so that you could validate the point that you have generated within a group discussion.

5) Make Accurate Statements:
• Please do not have a points which have a longer sentences and which is not being able to decipher by others.
• Please try to be short and crisp, you are supposed to give your points and be accurate what and when you are speaking.

6) Modulate Volume, Pitch & Tone:
When the Panelist is observing you, the panelist observes that how do you pitch yourself during a GD, how do you conclude a GD, and how do you start a GD. So volume pitch and tone plays a very important role.
• Volume: Volume means a very little, a very small or a soft volume that you speak in and a very high volume.
• Pitch: Pitch is how soft or a high sharp you speak, try to be not sharp in a GD, try to be in between. Do not be very soft, if it is a debate then try to have a pitch that is a medium but demanding.
• Tone: It must have a variations, when you speak about some sentences or speak about word then which word to emphasize for should be judged by you.

7) Be Considerate about Others Feelings:
It tends to happen while GD you go into flow and then hurt the feelings of others unconsciously, but it is not required.
• Do not quote examples which immediately or directly affect the other person in the group discussion.
• Do not take cultural or religious example which might tend to hurt the feeling of other people sitting in the group.

8) Be an Active and Dynamic participant by Listening:
• Do not be greedy, give others some time to make their point and be camp upto a certain point of time.
• Wait for your turn but at the same time do not sit and wait for your turn a very longer period.
• When you think it is the right time to pitch in, please analyze it and pitch in during the GD.
• Be an active and dynamic participant by listening, as other participants will put their views while you listen, after a point you must actively participate and try to appreciate the other people who have already put the viewpoints that you agree with.

9) Confidence & Self Assurance:
Please do not be under confident or overconfident while you are in the GD, you have to be confident enough to put your views and you are assured that what you has put down in the GD has a validation, it is supported by examples and assured that it is not hurting anyone’s feeling so keep in mind all the do’s.

The Don’ts of the GD

1) Don’t Be Shy and Nervous:
Keeping isolated from GD is not required, probably it might happen that you are a shy person and you don’t feel like interacting or you are just waiting for the chance. You are not supposed to do that because you are in a GD for an interview and it is your career. So if you want the career that you have chosen for yourself then you don’t have to be shy of any point that you want to make in the GD. You should be very confident to speak the topic that you want to, so just move out the nervousness from your mind and just be confident speak what you want.

2) Interrupting other Participant:
Interrupting other Participants before the argument is over, is not only wrong but will also get you negative points. When the other person is talking and you cut the person in between, the person is not able to complete the entire sentence which shows your over dominance.
Please do not do all these things during the GD, please listen to the other person’s arguments and then start your point.

3) Speak in Favor
Establish your position and stand by it stubbornly, by stubbornly I don’t mean that you have to hurt or you have to go violent in the Group Discussion round but by stubbornly I mean that whatever point you keep in the GD you must stick to that.
You should not deviate from the point what you started off, if you are speaking in the favor you are supposed to be in the favor of the topic till the topic ends if you are in against then it has to be the same.

4) Changed Opinions:
At times it tends to happen while listening to the people in the GD round you try to listen so much and involve yourself so much into the other people’s points or views that you tend to change your opinion which is wrong. That shows that you are not stable enough for a company’s position

5) Don’t make Fun of any Participant:
It is human tendency that if it listen something nonsensical, we just tend to laugh but that is not required, that shows your immaturity. The other person who has given a comment has used his brains and experience to speak something, which should not be made fun of. You must understand this and try to stay calm and quiet even if you want to laugh.

6) Don’t Engage in Subgroup Conversation:
When you are doing a GD for probably for 10 minutes it tends to happen that people deviate from the topic and generate subtopics. This leads to a one-on-one discussion or a subgroup discussion which leads to a negative point again. If the entire group leads to a subgroup discussion then it is easier for panelists to disqualify the entire group.
So you have to sure enough that people in the group are talking about the topic that is given or the issue that has been raised in the initial start. So please be alert about it.

7) Don’t not react sharply:
If any member of the group criticizes or disapproves a point it is unwise to get upset or react sharply. When it comes to you and you are being criticized for the point you made, please do not feel bad because it is a group discussion and it tends to happen as there are different views and perspectives.
So if there are different polls then they are tend to clash, therefore do not get upset and show it, this will reflect that you are emotionally weak.

I hope the do’s and don’ts are enough for you but there are more to come on this.

Updated: August 14, 2017 — 5:06 am

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